IC 5146, the Cocoon Nebula

IC 5146 is about 4,000 lightyears away, the central star that lights it formed about 100,000 years ago. The nebula is about 12 arcmins across which is equivalent to a span of 15 light years and is located towards the northern constellation Cygnus.

IC 5146, Cocoon Nebula

Image details:
Telescope: TS 90/600 triplet with 2.5" TS flattener
Mount: Skywatcher AZ EQ5 GT
Camera: Atik one 6.0
Exposure: 34 * 600sec, 3 * 600sec RGB, 12 * 600sec Ha
Software: PixInsight, PHD
Calibrationfiles: Dark:No, Bias:Yes, Flat:Yes

(c) All photos by Ruud de Vries