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NGC 457, Owl Cluster

NGC 457 (the Owl Cluster or the ET Cluster) is an open star cluster in the constellation Cassiopeia. It lies over 7,900 light years away from the Sun. It has an estimated age of 21 million years. The cluster is sometimes referred by amateur astronomers as the Owl Cluster or the ET Cluster (due to its resemblance to the movie character). Two bright stars are magnitude 5 Phi-1 Cassiopeiae and magnitude 7 Phi-2 Cassiopeiae. The cluster contains about 150 stars.

Name and aliases NGC 457
Common names ET Cluster, Owl Cluster
Type Open (galactic) Cluster
Coordinates 01:19:32.88 +58:16:40.8
Radial velocity -11.6 km/s
Link Simbad
Link HyperLeda

NGC 457, Owl Cluster

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