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M33, Triangulum Galaxy

The Triangulum Galaxy is a spiral galaxy approximately 3 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Triangulum. It is catalogued as Messier 33 or NGC 598. The Triangulum Galaxy is the third-largest member of the Local Group of galaxies, which includes the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy and about 44 other smaller galaxies. It is one of the most distant permanent objects that can be viewed with the naked eye Read more.

Name and aliases M 33, NGC 598, UGC 1117
Common names Triangulum Galaxy, Triangulum Pinwheel
Type Galaxy in Group of Galaxies
Coordinates 01:33:50.89 +30:39:36.6
Radial velocity -179.2 km/s
Distance 2.8 million light years
Magnitude 6.3 (B)
Size 69.7 x 44.0 (arcminutes)
Link Simbad
Link HyperLeda

The added value of an Ha filter is clearly visible in the animated gif.

Messier 33, Triangulum Galaxy

TS 90/600
Atik one 6.0
Skywatcher HEQ5
TS 2" Off Axis Guider
84 * 300sec L, 11 * 300sec RGB, 43 * 300sec Ha