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Abell 1377

Abell 1377 is galaxy cluster located in Ursa Major. The cluster contains hundreds of galaxies at a staggering distance of about 700.000.000 lightyears.

The cluster is located on the right of a bright M5.2 star

Name and aliases ACO 1377
Type Cluster of Galaxies
Coordinates 11:47:15.66 +55:43:01.5
Radial velocity 15414.7 km/s
Redshift 0.051400
Distance 698.6 million light years
Link Simbad
Link HyperLeda

Abell 1377, Notice the small, yellow, galaxies on the right of the bright star.

Esprit 120ED APO Triplet
Atik one 6.0
Skywatcher Eq6-R
Guiding camera
Starlight Xpress Lodestar
TS 2" Off Axis Guider
L: 57 * 300 sec RGB: 6 * 300 sec

Two recordings of Abell 1377 with an interval of about 65 years. The first photo was taken in the 50's (POSS1) and the second photo was made by myself in 2019. A number of stars have changed their position. Click on the photo to zoom in.